14K Gold or Sterling Silver Chastity Purity Cross Ring

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14K White or Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver 13 mm Cross Chastity Ring

Comes in a presentation box, velvet box and card.

Condition: New

The enclosed interpretation is included with each Chastity Ring;

Chastity Rings

The ring’s a special symbol of the promise that I’ve made, With your help, O Lord, I know its glow will never fade. With your help, O Lord, I’ll stand firm, though some may criticize For whose opinion matters, if I look good in Your eyes? Who can give me anything to take the place of You? Who on earth can justify a love that isn’t true? So, I make my statement, on my hand and in my heart. I know, one day, I’ll hear You say I chose the better part. The world calls this “old fashioned”; still, I’ll wait – it’s just a while. For Honor, Truth, and Faithfulness are never out of style.

Teach your son or daughter how they can show affection and caring without having sex. Let your pre-teen or teen know you want them to make good choices because you want them to reach their goals and have a great future.