Dog Tag Engraving

CJ Tag Eng

$ 50.00

We offer the following machine engraving as seen on the picture.

Line 1 = Name

Line 2 = Date of Birth

Line 3 = Blood Type

Line 4 = Church Denomination

Variations are also acceptable; call or email us.

When ordering a kit with 2 tags you must order this item twice (2) each.

If you purchase engraving you will receive an email asking you what you want on each line. We must have and email from you with all the information typed out prior to engraving the tag. Engraving of tags takes one extra work day prior to shipment.

We also do Hand Engraving on request. Call for more information.

Call us toll free at 1-866-446-5819 or
email us at
for questions.

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