14K Yellow or White Gold Cross Pendant 12.50 x 7mm

$ 44.00 $ 51.00

14K Cross Pendant in White or Yellow Gold Size 12.50 x 7.00mm. Comes in a nice presentation Box.


About the Cross.

Incredibly, the cross,the supreme symbol of Christianity, did not come into use to any extent until nearly 300 years after the death of Christ. In the year 312, the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great became an avowed Christian and undertook to convert his entire Empire to Christianity by imperial decree. This was the result of a miraculous vision he had on the eve of a great victory over a powerful enemy. A luminous cross appeared at night in the heavens with the inscription beneath that by that sign should he conquer. He and his army were awe stricken. The next day he defeated Maxentius in a decisive battle and he thereafter had the Roman Eagles supplanted by the Cross upon his banners and decreed its use throughout his kingdom.


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Carrico Jewelers LLC is a licensed jewelry studio doing business in custom jewelry design and manufacture. We also do Hand Engraving and Jewelry Repair. At our studio we sell and trade in diamonds and gemstones as well as set diamonds and gemstones. We also specialize in Religious and Christian jewelry Our Company, Carrico Jewelers LLC is owned and operated by an experienced, certified and college trained jeweler. For questions CALL TOLL FREE at 1-866-446-5819 or simply email us at Service@DreamsComeTrueJewelry.com

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