14K Yellow Gold Solid Figaro Chain 3MM

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14K Yellow Gold Solid Figaro Chain, Chains, 16 Inch 3.0 mm.  This item sold while supplies last.

Length: 16"  Weight   3.7037 DWT (5.76 grams)

             18"  Weight  4.1345 DWT (6.43 grams)

             20"  Weight: 4.5653 DWT (7.10 grams)

             24"  Weight: 5.4269 DWT (8.44 grams)

All our Chain comes to you from one of the worlds top jewelry suppliers located in North America.
We back our Chain, and guarantee there quality. Things you should consider when buying a new Chain, Chains are:

* Will this chain look good with my pendant?
* Will the clasp fit through my pendant or bail?
* Does the vendor show the weight of the chain and does the weight show the chain to be of heavy quality?
* Does the vendor mark his chain, in heavy, medium, or light weight?
* What size is the bail in my pendant / slide, and will the chains fit through the opening?
* Will I need a jeweler to install the chain through my pendant?
* If you have any questions call us !!

Our studio operates in Jeffersonville Indiana. For questions CALL at 502-533-7152 or simply email us at Service@DreamsComeTrueJewelry.com.