Dog Tag Pendants

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Custom Printed and Engraved

Our dog tag pendants are made from blank military sized tags that come in silver, gold and platinum. Each could be your canvas. The engraving art and print to include the bonding of gold, silver and diamonds are done by Bill who studied Jewelry Diamond Setting and Design at Gem City College. The art and lettering is hand engraved based on studies outlined using the great J. M. Bergling which is taught at Gem City College on campus Jewelry Department. Tags can be ordered plain in Gold, Silver and Platinum and custom designed. Gold can be added to silver tags as seen in collection's examples or in any other form desired with or without diamonds, rubies , sapphires or other gemstones and set to your desire. If you don't see it on this page it doesn’t mean we can't design it for you. I hope you enjoy browsing through the jewelry and God Bless.